The exhibition comes to the Galician capital after passing through Astorga and Zaragoza

The itinerant exhibition of the Basilica, «Gaudí and the Holy Family. An interior experience “, can be visited until September 30 in the Cultural Space of the Monastery of San Martín Pinario, headquarters of the Major Seminary of Santiago de Compostela. The exhibition was inaugurated on June 5 in a ceremony presided over by the archbishop of the Galician capital, the Hon. and Rvdmo. Mr. Julián Barrio, and by the Archbishop of Barcelona, ??the Emmo. and Rvdmo. Mr. Cardinal Joan Josep Omella i Omella, and it was opened to the general public the following day.

The exhibition arrives in Santiago de Compostela after having passed through Zaragoza and, later, through the Gaudí Palace in Astorga, where 23,000 people visited it.

«Gaudí and the Holy Family. An interior experience »offers the possibility of approaching the temple and the figure of the brilliant architect in an experiential, visual and attractive way. It allows you to take a tour of the Basilica in which the symbology and sources of inspiration of the architect are highlighted, and offers an overview of his work and the contributions he made to the world of architecture.