On the morning of Friday, August 24th, the opening of the Arab oven of the Alfar de Jiménez de Jamuz Museum took place in which the first brick building designed by Gaudí was made.

An act in which the director of the Palace of Gaudí, Víctor M. Murias, has participated, who has emphasized that this “is a faithful reflection of all that we want to transmit as it is to conserve the values, the tradition and the art of the province of Lion. We hope it is the beginning of a future promotion bet for Gaudí, the Palacio and also the Alfar Museum. ” The baking, with 100 pieces of each of the two original molds made by the master potter of the museum, was introduced a week ago and that same morning it has been proven how it came out. After the usual process that continues for 100 years as confirmed by the mayor of the town, Jorge Fernandez, “they are not replicas, we continue to make the real brick that Gaudí saw in the same place where he stepped on”. This exclusive product can be purchased at the Palacio store and the Alfar Museum, although the price still has to be determined.


1º.The piece is made.

2º. It is left to dry in the shade for a long time.

3º It is left to dry in the sun a little time.

4th The amount enough to fill the oven accumulates

5º Those that go glazed with minio, original of the time are bathed.

6º Drying.

7º They are put into the oven with the rest of the pieces.

8th ignites 10 hours of fire, 4 of templa so that the entire structure of the oven acquires a temperature and then another eight hours of hard cooking. This process requires four cars of urz wood or heather, since it is the only fuel that reaches 1000 degrees.

9º Once it has been stirred, let it rest until the potter considers that the fire has been sufficient and that the minium has taken its shine.

10º Two-three days later the production of the furnace that has been previously bricked is removed.