Gaudi’s Palace in Astorga launches My Visit, a way to take home a personalized digital souvenir of your tour through the building designed by the architect.

This digital souvenir is a materialisation of the personal visit experience. My Visit is created on the basis of data recorded thorough during the tablet guide visit and therefore captures and represents the experience lived. The souvenir provides visitors with a memento of their visit and acts as a gateway to explore the most iconic content inside Museo de los Caminos and Gaudi’s Palace.

The working mode is really simple and intuitive. Before the visit the tablet asks for an email direction if the person wants the My Visit souvenir. Once the visitor completes the tour, analize visit data and send a link to the webpage with all the information. This link provides with data such as the tour length, audio guide language and some of the most iconic contents at Gaudi’s Palace.

This digital souvenir is accompanied by full color images of personalized unique works, given that not everyone find interest in same things. Photographs accompanied by explanatory texts which remind the visitors that special tour through the Palace, free issue.